As to individuality – the Spirit doesn’t know what that is.          

Ego creates this concept. It’s the ego’s desire to be it, maintain it, and always secure it. Remember, your ego constantly seeks separation – from Spirit and others.

Ego says: it’s me in the world (me vs others). Spirit says: I am the world (oneness). Ego is scared you’ll lose your separation and individuality when you die, so it makes you spend tons of energy on making sure you’re individual and easy to differentiate from others, for better and for worse. I am more fun, smarter, and different. I have a better house, better clothes, a better body, hair, teeth, kids, ideas, and creations, and the list goes on.

Monks shave their heads and wear the same robes in an effort to get closer to God for that very reason. They are minimizing the sense of separation the material world pushes on us.

The ego desires to be memorable. Special. Cool. A woman’s evening can be ruined when another woman shows up to a party in the same dress!

Yet when you and I sit together, with eyes closed, and feel the presence of the divine bliss, we are the same. That feeling is the same. It doesn’t matter what you have; it only matters who you are. That’s how we are one, and that’s where we go back to after the body dies.


To understand oneness, we often hear about ocean and waves or sun and rays analogies. Let me put a spin on the version with the ocean in it.

Instead of waves, let me introduce you to buckets. Let’s say the ocean is infinite intelligence, Spirit, God, and Universe – the oneness. When you fill a bucket with ocean water and put the bucket on the beach, is the water in it still an ocean?

No. It’s ocean water in the bucket.

And that’s as far as most people’s understanding goes. There’s the Spirit (or a portion of it) in a bucket (or body), and since the bucket is wet, the Spirit is also around the body. But only a little bit. And the world is full of buckets with Spirit in it (and a bit around as well – you know, the aura and stuff.)

Furthermore, we mostly think of buckets as static material things – a red plastic one, perhaps?! 🙂

This version needs a correction. However, we cannot get rid of the buckets altogether because we have bodies. Thus, the buckets exist and must be included in our equation.

But instead of filling buckets with water, what if we threw the buckets into the ocean?

Now we’re getting somewhere. Now, the water is still in the buckets, but that water in the buckets is the ocean, and outside the buckets and everywhere around the buckets is all ocean. Now, the buckets are a part of the ocean. That’s oneness.

The buckets are all different, made up of all the stuff that is part of the ocean. Buckets are the creations of the ocean. Buckets form, change, get wholes in it, heal, and eventually disintegrate back into the ocean. They were never NOT part of the ocean; the buckets are the ocean, too.

And it doesn’t matter what happens to the bucket; YOU are always the ocean – with or without the bucket.

But ego loves only her bucket. It wants her bucket to be the coolest in the seven seas and always remain the same. So, it has created an illusion that the buckets are out on the beach. If they are more spiritual buckets, they may talk of how they have the ocean spirit in them and around them, too.

All the while, it’s the ocean that matters, while the buckets just come and go based on what the ocean needs, desires, and decides.

Individuality does exist on a material level. The ocean creates just the kind of bucket the world needs. It creates the most fabulous, awesome bucket for you under your guidance. And that’s how we get our bodies – the coolest, most needed vessel.

That’s why Deepak Chopra said, “At some point in time and space, you were your own greatest fan and friend.”

The Spirit (or ocean) communicates with us via emojis, symbols, images, and visions that make sense to us. If some random dude-ghost showed up in your bedroom or dreams to counsel you, you would probably not pay attention, call an exorcist, or commit yourself to a psych ward.

The ocean speaks to us all day and night, but we’re more likely to listen to a familiar bucket:)