Spring has moved in, and in the world of real estate, it means that it is time for many to sell their home and move out.

To potential buyers, curb appeal is the first impression of the property. And first impressions are powerful in real estate as well. Buyers will make a decision about your home within the 15 seconds.

I have been to many showings, where the buyers get out of the car, walk slowly towards the house, and by the time we get to the front door, they don’t even want to go in.

They chose the house based on the courageous interior photos. So what happened? What do you know, the un-kept front yard turned them off.

The buyers think that the house inside will have “the look” of the front yard. It’s like seeing a person with dirty clothes – we automatically assume that the person inside the clothes has not showered in a while.

Here are a few easy tricks to make the front of the house fresh and inviting.

  • Sweep walkways, rake sticks and leaves, pull weeds, trim plants.
  • Re-paint and clean the front door and garage door.
  • Clean and fix all outdoor light fixtures.
  • Clear away anything “kiddie” from the front – scooters, chalks, shoes, etc.
  • Get a new mat for the front door – it does wonders to buyers’ perception of the house!
  • And if you have some extra juice left in you, add a pot of flowers.

Often buyers will see several homes in one stretch. The more homes they have on their list, the more likely they are willing to skip a home here or there. And how do they decide? Based on how they feel by the time they reach the front door.

Make them feel like they cannot resist your home!