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The Secret to Moving on from Difficult Relationships

A few weeks back, I was reading a Facebook post of a casual acquaintance, and the conversations that followed in the comments. It felt like a déjà vu. I’ve had that same conversation many people in my own life, and… Continue Reading →

Forgiveness: 2 Wings of the Same Bird

The cardinal rule of forgiving others is this: In order to forgive others, you have to forgive yourself as well. These two aspects of forgiveness are like the two wings of the same bird. With one wing still broken, you… Continue Reading →

The Truth About Why We Disagree

Have you ever read a book where they tell the same story from the point of view of different characters? Those are awesome books, aren’t they?! I love those books because suddenly we see the same story from a different… Continue Reading →

Bee the Action!

The bees have understood something profound about life. I was watering my garden yesterday, and even though I go to great lengths to avoid spraying the many bees who have come to work on my flowers, I still managed to… Continue Reading →

Joy Is a Choice

I’ve over a thousand Facebook friends. It’s impossible to have that many friends, so to be honest, most of them are just acquaintances, or more like acquaintances of acquaintances. Say what you may about Facebook, but once in a while… Continue Reading →

To Nurture a Friendship

What’s your social network like? Is it a social club? Or is it your real-life mastermind group? Are you each others’ greatest fans? Or is your main attraction a good round of gossip? The experts claim that it really doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Is Celebrating Mediocrity Mediocre?

When my son was 5, his soccer team always made sure that every kid in the team got a trophy. Even the kid who rarely showed up. And the one who was more engrossed in chasing bugs in the grass… Continue Reading →

Holidays – Stress or Bliss?

“I don’t know what’s worse – the stress of the holidays, or the stress of everyone around me complaining about the stress of the holidays?” My friend sat down across from me for an early morning coffee at a coffee… Continue Reading →

A Shortcut To Self-Kindness

What if I told you that being kind to yourself begins with being negative? Let me explain. On a weekday, I usually have breakfast at 7am, and lunch around, well, lunchtime. But a few weeks ago, as I was zoned… Continue Reading →

Is It A Sign?

So, is it? A sign from dimensions beyond our comprehension? Or is it just a coincidence when you see an unusual “thing” in your daily happenings? How would you know? How would anyone know? The first time I REALLY pondered… Continue Reading →

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