Change And 2020 - What's the Meaning of It?
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Guest Speaker:
Certified Energy Therapist
About the Seminar
Guest Speaker!


The year 2020 has been anything but boring, wouldn't you agree?!

Whether you have experienced it as a difficult time, or a wonderful time, the keyword for this year has been CHANGE, for sure.

But what is the meaning of it all, and what should we do with it?

These questions, and many others, will be answered in this seminar.


I am proud to present a GUEST SPEAKER from Estonia, Rein [pronounced as 'rain'] Repson. Rein is a certified Lomilomi Nui healer and Energy Therapist, and an all-around awesome person.


It's FREE to attend to anyone, but you do have to sign up so I know where to send the Zoom link.


Sign up, and I will see you there!


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