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Mental Wellness – More Than You Think

Thursday, Oct 1st, 2020 @ 5:30 – 6:30 pm MDT

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If you have had challenges with depression or anxiety, mood swings or chronic stress, you are well aware that when the mind is not well, getting better is not as simple as you take a pill, you are cured, and all is forgotten.

There are many aspects to mental un-wellness – the “what-s”, the “how-s”, and of course the “why-s”. 

That’s exactly what our GUEST SPEAKER and I will be talking about in this seminar. It’s FREE to attend to anyone, but you do have to sign up so I know where to send the Zoom link.

 Our GUEST SPEAKER – Rozina Mardhani – is a Mental Wellness Advocate and Energy Healer. Her clients are from all over the world, and from all different age groups. 

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Who Are You?

TBD, via Zoom

In this seminar, you will write your personal constitution / mission statement. If you don’t know who your highest self is, what she/he looks like, how do you know to become her/him?

Can the Mind Really Heal the Body?


Medication can heal you, it’s possible. We all know that. Strep throat? Warts? Pain? Take some drugs and you are most likely healed. Yes, the matter can heal matter. But matter to matter takes time, and the condition can return once the medication is stopped. We know that, too. Ever had a toothache? The pain killers will only take you so far.

Eastern medicine and energy healers have been saying for millennia that healing one’s energy and WITH one’s energy can result in long-term results and has the power to be instantaneous – evidence is abundant.

And the west is catching up.

It’s an intriguing topic for someone born and raised in the west. Are you ready to have your world expand?

Let’s have a conversation!

Stories of Our Hearts


A group of great speakers from our community will be sharing stories from their lives to inspire, encourage, and motivate. We can guarantee you this: after hearing these stories from the hearts of the lives of these people who are just like you, you will see this world differently – lighter, brighter, more beautiful!