Written by Hannah Perry

Eva Fanari, an aspiring public speaker, spoke on Saturday at Albuquerque’s North Valley Public Library about her experiences and tips on dealing with negative energy.

“I am sensitive to pain and I think negative energy is something that everyone has to deal with, and I don’t think we have a really clear way on how to be safe when we don’t feel positive,” Eva said.

The seminar was an intimate setting with a close-knit audience gathered in the meeting room of the library. The talk began with Eva reassuring the audience – everyone experiences the negative energy and it’s normal. She explained that all energy is energy, it is our own decision to see it as positive or negative. We can manifest that energy into depression, anxiety, even physical diseases, but none of that is wrong because it’s just a part of being human.

Eva suggested three main ideas to help eliminate negative energy when it’s coming from an outer source. The phrase, “Peace begins with Me” was the first piece of advice offered followed by an even more powerful expression, “I Am the Power of My Life.” She called for a volunteer to stand up and practice that statement, focusing on the mantra. Eva emphasized on how everyone is the power of their life, not has the power. The third idea is known as the mirror-effect. Eva described an invisible mirror, having the negative energy bounce back to its rightful owner. Other people’s energy should not be a burden, but not all negative energy is picked up from others; sometimes it’s from our own creation.

“The hardest part is identifying when you are the source of your own negative energy; this is known as shadow energy. We all have it, and it follows us around.”

An exercise that helps resolve inner source negative energy is emotional freedom tapping (EFT), a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. In EFT, there is a focus on one’s meridian system, the pathway through which life-energy flows. The Western medicine aspect in EFT is related to recognizing one’s shadows and talking about them.

Eva explained shadows as bundles of pain that can oftentimes stem from childhood. “They are deep-bedded and have a way of sneaking into our belief-system.” The only way to resolve this inner source of negative energy is to shine light onto these shadows

“If you want to clean your house, you must see that it is dirty first,” Fanari said. This analogy brought nods of agreement and understanding from the audience. Bringing attention to hurtful experiences and trauma is the first step in healing.

The heartfelt suggestions and guidance Fanari offered resonated with the members of the audience and inspired many.

A first-time attendee, Michaela Urich, said the seminar exceeded her expectations. “What stuck with me is how to send the negative energy back.” Michaela revealed that she was going through difficult times and found the mirror-effect exercises very helpful.

Debbie Stewart, an avid supporter of Eva, has attended all of the seminars since they started September 2017. Debbie aims to actively work on her own personal shadows and said this seminar’s topic couldn’t have had better timing. “I have two sisters…we don’t live in the same town, we don’t speak on a regular basis and part of it is because of some shadows we’ve carried since our childhood. Tomorrow we have a video conference between the three of us so we can think about what it is between us that we can work on to heal that emotional distance,” she said.

Both women plan to go to Eva’s upcoming seminar on Saturday, March 17, that will also be held in the meeting room of North Valley Library. Participating will be a guest speaker, Jessica Atencio, a health coach. Together they will talk about starting anew and making healthy changes in your life that will stick.

Eva is passionate about inspirational speaking and she hopes the efforts in sharing her life-lessons and knowledge will benefit her followers.  “I have a message to share and whatever I’m learning, it has to be given back. I don’t think that anything that is part of me – I don’t own any of it. I feel like it’s been a gift, and when you receive a gift you need to give a gift.”