North Valley Library, 7704 2nd St NW Albuquerque NM 87107, unless noted otherwise

Find the Goodness Within 

Saturday, May 13th @ 11:15 am North Valley Library 7704 2nd St NW ABQ NM 87107

We’ve spoken a lot about how to let go of negative energy. 

But what about the goodness in you and others? What specifically is the goodness in you, how to connect with it, and stay connected to it?

It’s not just the dark energy that has generational patterns, it’s also the good.

All that and more during this seminar before Mothers’ Day so you can lean into your light with full force.😊

Relationship Retreat

June 2023 Online (Zoom + Text + Email)

Relationships with fellow humans are the ultimate fast track to personal and spiritual development. 

Our relations are a great source for joy, lessons, and grievances. In this retreat, we will take a step back and assess what needs to be learned, accepted, and let go.

Bring them all with you to this enlightening journey together!

Can Mind Heal Body?


Yes, matter can heal matter. But matter to matter takes time, and the condition can return once the medication is stopped. Ever had a toothache? The painkillers will only take you so far.
Eastern medicine and energy healers have been saying for millennia that healing one’s energy and WITH one’s energy can bring long-term results and has the power to be instantaneous – evidence is abundant. And the west is catching up.

Are you ready to have your world expand? Let’s have a conversation!

Past Seminars

Circadian Rhythm

Do you need more energy, better sleep, and a healthier body? How to invite Nature to nurture you – self-care is the foundation for effective communication.

Speak Your Truth - Mindful Communication I & II

How to speak your mind and have difficult conversations without making enemies and preserving your peace.

Impostor Phenomenon

You’ve known it for a long time. How to identify. and how to remedy it?

Past Seminars



  • Finding Peace in Relationships, 

  • Ego – an Enemy or a Friend?

  • Positivity Mindset

  • Persuasion and Negotiation Techniques

  • Forgiveness Mindset

  • Attracting Abundance

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Goal Setting – Small Steps to Big Results 

  • Emotional Self-Regulation and Handling Negativity

  • Stress Management 

  • Conflict De-escalation

  • Self-Care as a Form of Negotiation 

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