Life is like a whale-watching boat on an open ocean – we know there’s greatness somewhere around. Yet, all we experience is ebbs and flows that can be exhilarating and stomach-churning at the same time. So no wonder we find ourselves amid profound shifts that challenge our understanding of life on our way to greatness. 

These moments of transformation can manifest as an overwhelming surge of negative energy. If you’ve ever felt a whirlwind of confusion, introspection, doubt, and an inexplicable urge to question your entire existence, fear not – you might be experiencing a transformative release of shadow energy. 

How to recognize it if it’s upon you, and what to do about it?

Symptoms: The Wild Ride of Transformation

  1. Existential Whirlwind: Ever catch yourself pondering the meaning of life, your career choices, and what happened to you (the once exuberant, fun, excited human being)? Chillax! Suddenly questioning the universe is a hallmark of the energetic earthquake transforming your entire being.
  2. Spiritual and Religious Shifts: Whether you’re a devout believer, a staunch atheist, or somewhere in between, this process can trigger shifts in your beliefs. Whether you’re considering the possibility of a higher power or experiencing a crisis of faith, you’re just rearranging your foundational beliefs.
  3. Relationship Roulette: Who needs six degrees of separation when you’re busy reevaluating your entire social circle? Feeling the need to distance yourself from people who once played significant roles in your life can be disorienting, but not only are you transforming your relationship with yourself, but also with others. You’re just cleaning the house and making room for the new to come in.
  4. Philosophical Contemplation: Deep thoughts alert! You’ll find your brain spiraling into discussions about the cosmos, the meaning of existence, and whether cats have secret meetings while we sleep. This can lead to moments of intense introspection about your purpose. It’s ok!
  5. Tours Down the Memory Lane: Time to dust off those old photo albums of past embarrassments and cringe-worthy moments. While not the most thrilling stop on this journey, revisiting these moments is like tidying up your mental attic. You’ll find events you’d long forgotten. Time to clean them up!
  6. Empathy and Connection: Get ready to feel all the feelings for humanity. Suddenly, you’ll want to adopt all the rescue dogs and save the rainforests. This compassion surge can be overwhelming and enlightening, so have a box of tissues ready for all the crying you may need to do.
  7. Mortality Check: One of the most profound aspects of this experience is the realization of life’s fragility. And just your own, but all lives. Suddenly, you’re hugging your cactus plant and whispering, “Don’t worry, we’re all in this together.” And you’ll say a prayer to the last one you killed.
  8. Material Downsizing: A desire to de-clutter and shed is intense – for the shoes in the garage or the party friends who expect you to be the sober driver every Friday night. You’re now on the “Less is More” ride, and it’s all about experiences, not stuff.
  9. Hopelessness Loop: Feeling like you’re stuck on a rollercoaster that only goes downhill? With the questioning of life’s purpose, your buried memories, and sensitivity to humanity’s pain, you may feel overwhelmed and helpless.

How to Navigate Your Shadow Energy?

  1. Embrace the Absurd: Life is a sitcom sometimes, and you’re the star. Embrace the discomfort and laugh at the cosmic punchlines. Accept that transformation involves shedding old layers and cleansing wounds we don’t want to acknowledge.
  2. Playful Patience: Practice mindfulness and self-care like it’s your job. Be patient and let the process unravel like a well-loved mystery novel.
  3. Support Your Needs: Embrace the need for alone time, even if it’s just to have a heartfelt chat with your potted plants (like that cactus you’ve gotten close to😊.) But when you need, reach out to trusted friends, family, or therapists to provide a safe space and support.
  4. Creative Outlets: Creative outlets are your ticket to expressing all those whirling emotions. Experiment and release your inner Picasso.
  5. Hug a Cactus: Metaphorically and literally. Embrace discomfort as a prickly but necessary step on the growth path. And get out in nature – no better way to understand life than connecting with nature.
  6. Spiritual Exploration – Explore spiritual practices and rituals – they provide answers and comfort. And mostly, they create space for patience and acceptance. 

The Adventure Continues

So, dear wanderer, if you’ve found yourself in a whirlwind of existential questions, questionable dance moves, and emotional rollercoasters, don’t panic. You’re on a path to self-discovery, healing, and growth. So buckle up, take Dramamine, and keep your eyes open for that whale sighting – greatness is waiting!