As I’m contemplating the events of 2020, my thoughts keep going back to 5 trees I met during a camping trip in July.

Yes, trees.

In the middle of the woods at the base of a mountain stood a group of about 5 pines, like a family. While the other pines surrounding them were straight, this “family” was different.

Something had happened to that group of pines – a storm, an illness, or perhaps an accident. Whatever it was, life had applied pressure on their nimble trunks, pushed them so hard that they had had to bend.

When the ordinary days resumed, the trees had just continued growing, slightly shifted to one side, with a kink in the middle, as if trying to look at the world from a different angle, from the point of view of someone who had stood right next to them.

When I think of the past year with its pandemic and social shifts that have applied pressure to many of us around the world, I feel as if these trees represent 2020.

You see, when life applies pressure on a body, be it a tree or a human, a nation or humanity, there are two things that can happen: the body either breaks or bends.

All that pressure of 2020 was in place as if the quantum field wanted you (and us) to see this world from a different angle, as if from the shoes of someone else who at some point has stood right next to you.

With every kink and bend that has happened to you during the last year, just know that you can now see a little farther, think a little broader, and be a little wiser.

Be it last year, or any other year that comes, when you feel the pressure of life on your body, allow yourself to bend. Know that when the ordinary days resume, you can pick it up where you left off, but from a slightly different point of view.

And in that place, you’ll be more confident and understanding, a little wiser.

For 2021 I’m wishing you the strength to bend, and not break – Happy New Year!

Photo by Eva Fanari, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico