The bees have understood something profound about life.

I was watering my garden yesterday, and even though I go to great lengths to avoid spraying the many bees who have come to work on my flowers, I still managed to soak one of them.
I found the bee on the grass, its butt wet and wings sticky with water, trying to climb up the blades.

How can one help a wet bee? Blow-dry them? Use a towel?

I don’t think so.

My point was to help, and not aggravate. And definitely not to kill.

The least I could do was help the bee back on a flower. Maybe the sun and breeze will dry it? Maybe it will get some rest while I keep an eye out for predators? Maybe we both can go on with our lives? Thus, I helped the bee onto a flower.

And here’s that profound lesson I was talking about.

As soon as the legs of my bee touched the flower, it began collecting pollen. It didn’t wait to be dried, or rested, or pep-talked. It just got back to what it does best; what is its purpose.

A totally boss move!

There was, however, a part of me that resisted it.

Don’t we deserve a break and rest? Why get to work right away? Why not wait a little so it would be easier to work with dried wings and lighter butt?

The more I observed the situation, the more I understood why.

You see, while the boss-bee was moving about the flower, it positioned itself as such that the soaked wings and soggy butt got maximum breeze and sun while it kept working. In a few minutes, it flew away, dry and well.

Let’s expand that scene into the life of humans.

You see, when we, bees and humans alike, spring into action, the quantum field, or Universe, or Infinite Intelligence, begins to conspire on our behalf. It will match the energy we put out there by ten-fold. It will blow the wind in our desired direction.

But it can and will help only if it knows the desired direction. And it knows as soon as we begin to take action, for it is in action where there’s the intention that is backed by the universal energy.

I stood there, thinking to myself, How do I react when I get water-hosed by life?

Do I get back up, even if it is with help, and start working? Maximizing on the help from the Universe?

Or do I need pep-talks, and time to feel bad, and time to “dry off?”

What about you?

One smart man once said that “Life is a contact sport, you will get kicked and punched.”

Sure, sometimes when we’re down we need help to get back to a place where we can start again. But start we must because it is actions that create wind for our wings, and lighten up our butts.

It’s expected that you are not in full swing in the next moment. But you can begin to swing it, a step at a time, even if your hope has been crushed and your wings are still heavy.

As you swing it, in no time your wings will begin to dry, and your soggy hope to rise. That’s a given – don’t even worry about it or question it. It’s something outside of your field of expertise.

Your goal is to get back to action. The assisting part belongs to the powers outside of you.