In the whirlwind of modern life, finding moments of stillness and clarity can be like finding a unicorn in a hardware store – rare but oh-so magical!

Altered consciousness meditation, an ancient practice gaining traction in recent years, offers a unique path to inner peace and self-discovery. By transcending ordinary states of consciousness, individuals can tap into profound relaxation and heightened communication with intuition.

What is an altered state of consciousness?

Let’s first define what an altered state of consciousness is. It’s a short-term change in one’s awareness of the surrounding world. In short, the senses, which are usually turned outwards to take in the outer world, become turned inwards and are at your disposal to create, hear, and feel whatever you want.

Getting your mind to that state is available to everyone through breathwork, physical exercise, singing, chanting, using mantras, and being in nature. Yes, certain substances as well, but that’s not what I’m propagating here.

In essence, you’re calming your brain down.

4 Benefits of an Altered State of Consciousness

Now, let’s talk about benefits.

1. Relaxation.

The first to mention lies in its ability to induce a deep state of relaxation. You’ll experience a release of tension, both mental and physical. Not only will your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone levels go down, but it will affect all the cells in your body – from toes and ankles to eyelids, wrinkles, and scalp.

Since it relaxes the mind and body, the results also affect both of these. On one hand, over time, this practice fosters a greater sense of calmness in day-to-day life. On the other hand, you’ll see improvement in skin tone, hair, and weight.

2. Healing.

But that’s not all! Moreover, altered consciousness meditation is like a backstage pass to the theater of your non-consciousness. This is your VIP ticket to buried emotions, unresolved conflicts, limiting beliefs, and thought patterns that do not serve you.

All this is usually hidden behind the incessant chatter of the conscious mind! In this heightened state of awareness, you can dig around the negative experiences of the past that you still hold onto. You can cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself, fostering personal growth and transformation. And most importantly, you have access and power to begin to release, re-write, and heal your past.

3. Creativity.

The best part?! Get ready for a plethora of lightbulb moments! In an altered state, you’ll receive profound insights and creativity since the mind is unburdened by the chains of linear thinking and logical reasoning. This opens the door to novel perspectives, creative solutions, and a heightened sense of intuition. Many artists, writers, and innovators credit altered consciousness meditation for breakthroughs in their work – blimey, that’s where rock’n’roll came from!

4. Spiritual High-Way.

Furthermore, altered consciousness meditation, if practiced consistently, can be a catalyst for spiritual exploration. You may experience a sense of unity with a higher power, nature, or the universe at large. This spiritual connection creates a deep sense of purpose and an even deeper understanding of one’s place in the tapestry of existence.

When it comes to altered states of consciousness – maybe your goal is to play around with it?! Or are you ready to commit to a more vivid, colorful, and exciting existence? Doesn’t matter – you should incorporate this version of meditation into your daily life. The benefits speak for themselves!