Have you ever wondered why people sometimes act as unpredictable as a squirrel on a caffeine kick? If you knew the 7 intriguing ingredients that cook up the recipe of human communication, it would make a lot more sense.

The 7 ELEMENTS of COMMUNICATION which help explain why people are unpredictable

1. Words

How we choose words, and the language we use directly impacts how we come across. The sentences are like a linguistic concoction. They carry meaning and power.

2. Tone of Voice

Just as a samba can be sultry or spirited, our tone dances its way into the hearts of our listeners, sometimes leaving them entranced and sometimes leaving chaos behind.

3. Body Language 

Non-verbal cues are 5x more powerful than verbal ones. The slight raise of an eyebrow, a shrug of the shoulders – these moves communicate volumes without us even realizing it. 

4. Internal Dialogue

A person’s internal dialogue affects their choice of words, their mood, and the patience they have for us. Are there clowns or ghosts playing the mind? A negative thought loop encircles the communication every time.

5. Emotional Affective Experience

What’s a person’s emotional state? Did they have a fight with the spouse in the morning? Are they concerned about relations at work? Emotions always leave a stamp on everyday life. 

6. Somatic, Embodied Experience

When a person is experiencing pain, their communication is also saturated with pain. Their shortness and hurriedness may have nothing to do with you but everything with what they are experiencing in their body.

7. Personal, Psychological, Social, Mystical, and Cultural Conditioning

This is an inevitable and magical aspect of all communication. We bring to every conversation, connection, and communication everything we’ve ever experienced. We’re unaware of it, but it’s always there. What are the beliefs from our community, childhood, and religion? 

Imagine this communication journey as a soccer match. If one player clings to the ball, the game loses its flow. Just like that, rigid expectations can be like a communication roadblock. So, let’s be mindful and let conversations flow like a lively game, passing the ball of connection and understanding freely.

Eva Fanari

Here’s a magical spell for you: Embrace the unpredictability! After all, unexpected twists make our relationships and interactions as rich and fascinating as a treasure map waiting to be explored. Whether we’re laughing with friends or pondering the mysteries of our own hearts, let’s ride the waves of energy and enjoy the dance of human connections.