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I’m Eva Fanari, a Communication and Negotiation Professional. I educate, train, coach, speak and write for people who want to be the masters of negotiating, communicating, and relationships – be it with the world, others, or self. 

Our relationships with the environment and others starts with self. 

Let’s make sure you excel in all! 

What I do

I speak and write for people who want to be the masters of negotiating, communicating, and relationships  – be it with the environment, others or self.

We internalize and avoid conflict and confrontation because we don’t know how to deal with it without getting defensive, passive aggressive, or withdrawn, and further hurting ourselves and others. As a result, our outer world controls our inner world.


I train and coach businesses how to be more effective in communicating and negotiating with clients and employees, while learning the necessary skill of emotional self-regulation. Let’s work together!


I lead monthly public seminars on how to be more effective communicator and negotiator through self-improvement, forgiveness, emotional self-regulation and positive mindset. Success starts with self:)



The theme of the blog is how to lighten the load of your everyday.  Here you’ll find negotiation and communication tips, but also how to let go of negative energy, forgive, and to cultivate a positive mindset.


I’m not just an entrepreneur who goes to work to teach others how to negotiate, communicate, and persuade. I’m also a woman, mother, wife, soul, puzzle-lover, citizen of the world, eternal traveler to cool places, and so many other things. I’m a complex being.

And so are you.

As much as some fancy book out there tells you to leave your person behind when entering the business world, it ain’t happening, and we both know it.

So how to be the best in your field AND honor all of that you are?


Award winning SPEAKER

I’m talking about actual speech contests here. I’ve entered several Toastmasters’ sponsored contests, and I’m the 2020-2021 District 23 Champion.




what others have said

“Eva is such an amazing writer & speaker! Her gentle way of telling a story while driving a point home makes us look at ourselves every single time!”

Terry G.

Transaction Coordinator, Coldwell Banker Legacy

“Eva’s voice is so calming and her delivery so well done. I heard many new ideas that will be strong parts of my new relationship with myself. It was such a powerful message.”

Debbie S.

Occupational Therapist, APS

“Eva’s negotiation tips were priceless. No one until now has explained the emotional side and our own role in any conflict. This content is a must for every business owner.”

Joseph M.

Owner , Local Consultations

“I’m so grateful for Eva’s message and seminars. This is life-changing and she makes it so easy to relate and get inspired. After every seminar, I feel like I’m so much better of a person.”

Celeste W.


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