A Gift, Shared

When it’s your birthday, the Universe has a gift for you. The tricky part is to spot it. The gift will be presented in a non-obvious way, in a modest wrapping, and the bow will appear only when you recognize… Continue Reading →

Your Most Valuable Asset

You have it, I have it, we all have it. Since this resource is limited, it matters immensely how we manage and use it. Here’s what you need to know about this asset: Whatever and whoever you allow into your… Continue Reading →

The Over-Looked Tool in Negotiation

A few months ago, I was drilling holes into my bathroom cabinets for handles. I had never held a drill before, let alone use it. But I had all the confidence in the world – how hard could it be?!… Continue Reading →

Successful Decision-Making: Follow this Rule

Decisions are trickier to make than you think. Several years ago, I got an exciting opportunity to serve on the board of a large local non-profit organization. It was an easy and immediate yes for me since for a few… Continue Reading →

The Heavy Words: Energy Behind What You Say

An old adage says that “speaking is silver, silence is gold.” What it basically says is “stop talking.” But why is one of the oldest wisdom so final about our words? Recently, I had a meeting with a client going… Continue Reading →

The Highlighted Life

You know this sound – the opening of a brand-new book. Few things in life carry as much acceptance and peace as the act of opening a book, new or not. For me, the smell of print ink has become… Continue Reading →

Bend or Break?

As I’m contemplating the events of 2020, my thoughts keep going back to 5 trees I met during a camping trip in July. Yes, trees. In the middle of the woods at the base of a mountain stood a group… Continue Reading →

The Weakest Words

Not all words are created equal. What we say matters. It’s not just the meaning of the words, but also the energy of the words that impacts our existence. A few weeks ago, I was in a sales meeting at… Continue Reading →

The Secret to Feeling Loved

The guest speaker at my October seminar said something profound: When we think of basic necessities, we think of food and water. But touch is also a basic necessity, right along with food, water, and shelter. Without touch, we wither… Continue Reading →

3 Laws of Depression And How to Make Them Work for You

During my first year in college, a guy who lived in the same dorms with me started to gain weight. Let’s call him Jonas. On one evening in a communal kitchen, 6 of us were cooking dinner.  Someone made a… Continue Reading →

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